FROZEN Grouper Fillets (+/- 1kg-1.5kg) - BluCurrent (DEPOSIT ONLY)

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Frozen within 2 days of original useby date. Can be kept frozen for up to 6 months.

BluCurrent Grouper Fillet is freshly caught and is a hybrid grouper, also called “pearl grouper”, it is a favourite with foodies due to the white firm texture of the flesh and the buttery sweet taste.

Hormone and Antibiotic free from Singapore. Our ocean farm creates clean saltwater through natural filtration— allowing the fish to swim in the ocean, filtered, and oxygen-rich water.

We produce superior farmed BluCurrent Grouper without having to use growth hormones, pesticides, chemicals, and preventive antibiotics.

All our BluCurrent Fish are Friends of the Sea certified which entails following a strict set of international guidelines, click here. Most importantly, our farm is prohibited to use growth hormones and must respect the water ecosystem and the critical habitats.

Preferred by chefs and Michelin starred restaurants, enjoy the freshest Barramundi for its clean taste.

“Living in a small country like Singapore where almost everything gets imported, it’s great to have so passionate producers like Aquaculture Singapore. For us, chef’s it’s important to get sustainable products with almost zero carbon footprint”. -Chef Lorenz (Chefs Table, Singapore)


“I’m always looking for high-quality fresh ingredients, so when I try BluCurrent products I know that I found my sustainable and trustable supplier. The quality of their product is always up to the standard, same for their service and deliveries.” -Chef Matteo Ponti (Chef De Cuisine, Forlino, One Fullerton, Singapore)


It has a gentle and mild flavor that has a firm, large flakes that is easy to cook.

Click here for the 7 benefits of eating this fish.

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