Frozen from Fresh Origin South Boneless Lamb Shoulder +/- 900gm - 1.0kg

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We source our lamb from Origin South, a family-owned farm that takes pride in its traditional farming roots. Lambs are raised outside on lush green pastures using sustainable farming practices. The shrub-lined hills offer ample opportunity for animals to find their own shelter. Ewes are also left to their own devices when lambing.

Naturally, the animals are 100% grass-fed and free of antibiotics, GMOs and hormones. We deal directly with the farm so you can be confident of the provenance and quality.

Grass-fed meats are a healthier choice than grain-fed, and lamb is no exception. Lamb raised on natural pastures contain more omega-3s, which are beneficial for good heart health. It’s also rich in iron. In addition, lamb’s low carbohydrate content also makes it an excellent choice for keto diets.

The single piece of shoulder has the bone removed, and so the weight of approximately 1.2kg is all meat. Vacuum-packed for freshness and convenience.

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