Frozen Coorong Mullet 200g - Ferguson Australia


4-5 fillets per 200g pack

Coorong Yellow Eye Mullet (Aldrichetta forsteri) is wild caught in South Australian waters. Caught in the bountiful ecosystem that is typical to South Australia’s Coorong, this fish swims in both salt water and estuaries and is also known as Yellow Eye Mullet, one of 16 species in Australia. This fish has a flavour as unique as its habitat and is sustainably caught using targeted netting methods. The soft, moist-textured fillets are high in Omega 3, where its oily flesh lends itself to an array of opportunities in the kitchen.

Coorong Mullet is filleted fresh, packed and frozen all on the same day.

Frozen Fillets Skin-on Boneless
Available in 200g pack, 8x200g carton & 2kg bulk pack



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