NZ Tarakihi Fillets 250g - East Rock WILD CAUGHT - FROZEN


**Frozen Product**

About East Rock

East Rock is a 4th generation Kiwi fishing story.  East Rock trawlers are moored in Gisborne on New Zealand's North Island's East Coast, where their own small boats carefully harvest fish on short regular trips which ensure they are delivered to the wharf-side at optimum freshness.

The catch is then unloaded and taken to East Rock's handling site where they are filleted skinned and boned, a method and tradition which has been followed for over 65 years.  East Rock's commitment to freshness means the fish is prepared, packed and dispatched from the factory on the same day of unloading and sent to Singapore overnight ensuring you receive the freshest product possible.

About Tarakihi Fish

Similar in cooking to sole, these are a small sized salt water fish with medium to firm white moist flesh, suitable for most cooking methods. These fish are 100% wild caught in New Zealand waters. 

Suitable for baking, battered, BBQ, curry & chowder, but in our opinion is best when dipped in seasoned flour then pan-fried in an olive oil / butter mix over a  medium heat for 2/3 minutes on each side


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