Flinders - Buffalo Cheese, Native Herbs & Petals 150g - Kris Lloyd Artisan


This Buffalo curd is drained for 5 days before we lightly season with salt after which we roll in South Australian Saltbush. We then finish the cheese using petals from South Australian Native flower Callistemon commonly known as Bottle Brush. The Callistemon adds a unique eucalyptus flavor which gives the cheese a great sense of our place, Australia.

We aim for this cheese to be super creamy with seasoning that gives this simple fresh cheese a great personality. It is rich creamy and very decadent due to the high solids in the Buffalo Milk. Buffalo cheese continues to surprise me with the elegant flavor profile it offers and its velvety texture.

Perfect tossed through a salad of good heirloom tomatoes, red onion and drizzled with good Olive Oil.

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