Fig & Almond Christmas Cake - Blooming Marvellous, Australia


Available in 250g round, 500g square and 1kg square, the Blooming Marvellous Fig & Almond Christmas Cake is a triumph. Heavily fruited, highly spirited and balanced in its density, it makes for a fabulous gift. Unchanged since the beginning and always incredibly popular, these Christmas cakes are highly sought after year after year

Sultanas, eggs, wheat flour, unsalted butter, brown sugar, figs 5.5%, brandy, sherry, dates, prunes, mixed peel, SR flour, ginger, currants, raisins, cherries, lemon rind, almonds, treacle, vegetable oil, sodium bicarbonate.
Sultanas, figs, dates, prunes, ginger, currants, cherries, almonds, brandy & sherry.
ALLERGENS: nuts, eggs, gluten.

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