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Dill leaves (tips) are native to Eastern Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean. The leaves have a delicate flavour of aniseed and lemon - hence dill is often paired with seafood dishes and sauces. Dill leaves are used in Scandinavian Dishes for flavouring cured salmon (gravlax) traditionally served with a mustard and dill sauce. Dill is added to stuffed vine leaves in Greece, to cabbage and cauliflower dishes in Central Europe, and the dill pickled cucumbers of New York.

Uses and Ideas:

  • Add to scrambled eggs to serve with smoked salmon.
  • Make a lemon vinaigrette, add chopped capers, anchovies and dill and spoon over just cooked seafood.
  • Make a potato salad - whilst potatoes are still warm, add chopped onions (sautéed), mayonnaise, Dijon mustard, sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and dill.
  • Add dill to sour cream or natural yoghurt, spoon over a fresh salad of cucumbers or sliced vine-ripened tomatoes or serve as a dip with water crackers.
  • Add dill to sautéed potatoes, lentil or rice dishes.

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