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Spice & Co was established to provide PURE herbs and spices for people passionate about cooking with quality ingredients.

  • Gluten Free
  • Sugar Free
  • Nothing artificial
  • No additives, no bulking agents
  • Unique 'chef' created spice mixes & rubs

Cumin is native to Egypt and is an intensely warm aromatic and balanced sweet spice. The aroma of cumin is enhanced if it is dry roasted briefly before use. Cumin is widely used in spice mixes such as Cajun, Baharat, Panch Phora, Dukkah, curry powders and masalas. Ground cumin can be added to salt and used as a versatile seasoning for meats, poultry and white fish as well as tomatoes and vegetables e.g. eggplant, pumpkin, sweet potato, onions, corn, and carrots.

Uses and Ideas:

  • Saute finely diced onion in butter or olive oil, add a pinch of cumin and/or dried mint, then toss with freshly cooked peas, beans, okra or brussel sprouts.
  • Add cumin to olive oil, use the oil for to brush sliced eggplant, vegetable kebabs or grilled sourdough at barbecues. Use the oil to sauté cherry tomatoes or prawns before tossing with pasta/noodles with oregano.
  • Add cumin to braised lentils or cous cous or potatoes.
  • Mix ground cumin with flour, salt/pepper and use to coat blanched chicken drumettes before deep frying.
  • Warm ground cumin in a pan and add to hummus.

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