Goat & Cow Persian Feta Jar - 300g - Kris Lloyd Artisan

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We source our Goat milk from small local goat farms giving us excellent control over the quality and seasonality of the milk. Saanens, British Alpine and Toggenburg breeds all feature in the herds. Our Jersey Milk is sourced from a nearby Adelaide Hills town, Langhorne Creek. The herd is made up of pure jersey cows and there are around 60 cows in the herd.

Our Persian Feta is set overnight to make this fresh cheese in a traditional lactic set, not unlike yoghurt. The Feta is drained with quick precision, once drained the Feta is lightly seasoned with salt and left to age for 12 or so days, after which we carefully portion the cheese by hand. Each jar has a selection of herbs added to the cheese before we fill with a blend of vegetable and olive oil.

We aim for this feta to super creamy with seasoning that gives this simple fresh cheese a great personality.

I love it smothered over hot crusty bread and ….my absolute favourite is lashings of it on top of piping hot baked potatoes!

Our Persian Feta Blend was awarded a Super Gold Medal at the 2014 – 2015 World Cheese Awards, the judges comments were “Kris Lloyd artisan have taken Feta to a whole new level with this cheese!” It was also voted Best Australian Cheese.

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