Flathead Fillets 300g + - Wild South Seafoods - WILD CAUGHT - FROZEN


Wild caught Australian seafood from the Southern Ocean.

How is Wild South Seafood different?

1. WSS work directly with the fisher people in their Port Lincoln, South Australia seafood community and create partnerships based on a shared commitment to Pristine Australia Produce and a sustainable approach to how we take, and how much we take, of our precious sea's resources.

Our labels provide the name of the boat each piece of fish comes from.

We do not 'stockpile' seafood, nor send Australian seafood to low cost jurisdictions for processing.  

2. Our production facility is beside the wharf where the fish are landed.  The fishermen who catch our fish, bring it to our door the moment they get back from sea.

Unlike other portion packed fish which claims to be snap frozen, but does not provide transparency about where the fish is caught, or where their production facility is located.

We do not deal in with large scale distributors.

The Freshest you can get 

Our product is the freshest seafood you can possibly find.  You will always know exactly how fresh it is. This product is also in direct contrast to other frozen fish products which are mostly low value species that are either imported, or fished in our waters but then shipped to China, Thailand or Vietnam to be processed and packaged and then shipped back again. Often this product has been frozen and defrosted and frozen again before reaching the consumer. 

Southern Ocean Deep Sea Flathead

Flathead, so named for their (very) flatheads, are (like all bass strait to plate fishes) wild caught, mainly by trawl on the continental shelf (in our case the bit that juts into the Bass Strait).  Southern Ocean Deep Sea flat head are endemic to Australia.  Meaning if you see a deep sea flat head that is not product of Australia, it’s probably not flathead. 

Flathead has a low oil content which results in fine, flaked flesh.  Low oil content also means it is a very ‘non fishy’ tasting fish. Or as the chef people might like to say “a delicate fish”.

Flathead is so fabulous that you can pretty much cook any fish meal you like with it.  However, it is a firm favourite in the battered, crumbed and grilled chef options because of that delicate flesh.  That means that baking it is not a great option (you may dry it out) and whacking it in a curry may do it a disservice.  If you are aspiring to the next season of master chef, or have already won season 2 – knock your socks off and do what you like with it – you’ll love it!

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