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Neptune Island Nannygai - Red Snapper

Also known as Golden Snapper, Red Bight Fish & it's indigenous name of Nannygai, these delicious fish are so named for their beautiful red skin (possibly more pink hued to some colourists). 

The red snapper in the Wild South Seafood packages is line caught, by actual handline.   It is killed by the ancient Japanese technique of Iki jime, which is the method of inserting a spike into the fish’s brain, killing it instantly.  This ensures that the fish does not produce lactic acid,  which would otherwise make the flesh taste sour.

Red Snapper has firm, slightly oily white flesh that can withstand cubing, cutting and dicing.  It can also look gorgeous pan-fried with that red skin still on (so long as there is enough butter and heat involved for lovely crispy skin). Baking it in the oven with a crust of something herby or nutty suits its fat slightly oily fillets perfectly.  Even the amateur chef will have a hard time drying it out.

Another benefit of snap frozen at the source Australian fish fillets is that, because you only defrost them when you are ready to eat them, if you are up for cutting and dicing of your fish fillets, you can do so when they are still slightly frozen, like the best sushi chefs do.  It allows you to have fine knife skills even if you haven’t quite worked out how to sharpen your knives like a samurai on a naked steel!

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