NZ Blue Cod Fillet 110g +/- WILD CAUGHT - FROZEN AT SEA


Blue Cod belong to the Pinguipedidae family and are endemic to New Zealand. The fish are a demersal species, and are found predominantly in rocky coastal areas. General appearance is grey/blue, with a greenish sheen. Blue Cod tend to gravitate towards colder waters and therefore are found in abundance further south. They are the undoubted ‘crowd favourite’ for the South Island’s fish-loving population.

Our suppliers vessels fish in the northern waters, so blue cod are not available to their boats in large volumes, but they are caught sporadically as a bycatch of the Snapper fishery. They are definitely a fish to look out for and make the most of when the boats are landing them (perfect for a weekend menu special)

Blue Cod has a medium textured light pink flesh, which whitens nicely on cooking with a sweet/ocean flavour profile.

Product is frozen at the source, filleted & boneless, weight per piece is not less than 110gm packed weight

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