Maffra Wensleydale Waxed Triangle 150g

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Maffra White Wensleydale is originally based on an old British cheese recipe from North Yorkshire. It’s a style of cheese that ceased production during the World War II. 

The recipe was saved by the local diary farmers that portioned away some of the milk, as most of it was allocated to producing cheddar for the the war effort.

The lush pastures at Tinamba are similar to North Yorkshire and so it is fitting that the cheese is made here with the traditional British recipe. Cheese maker Ferial Zekiman has perfected it’s re-creation.

It’s a young cheese with a crumbly, moist texture and tangy flavour with a refreshing after taste. It has a slight wild honey flavour to balance off the acidity.
It’s great with fresh stone fruit. It’s also well known to be appreciated with Christmas Fruit Cake.

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