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This jasmine green tea is one of the most popular Chinese green teas and with good reason. Delicate, soothing and refreshing, the quality of the green tea leaves and jasmine blossoms used to scent it shines through with every cup.

As with all green teas, this one is packed with anti oxidants and full of health benefits; it's cleansing, can help with digestion, weight loss, lowering cholesterol and strengthening the immune system.  In addition it gives skin a natural, healthy glow and is believed to have anti-ageing properties.

To brew a perfect cup, put a teaspoon of jasmine green tea pearls (5 - 15) into a cup or teapot and top with hot water (ideal temperature is 180 to 190 degrees); this amount of jasmine green tea pearls will make enough for three to five cups without any loss of flavour, just keep topping it up with hot water.

If you prefer your green tea cold, make it as per the directions above and allow it to cool; perfect for a warm day!

This green tea is one of my personal favourites, and my customers seem to agree!

"My cholesterol has dropped 20% in the 3 months that I have been drinking your wonderful jasmine green tea pearls. My doctor was as astonished as I was, this was the only change to my diet, I credit your tea for lowering my cholesterol, thank you".  - Ian, Lancashire 

"For a truly exotic experience, Choi Time's jasmine-scented green tea is the Dom Perignon of the tea world; the tea is rolled into 'pearls' to produce a fragrant brew. Be warned: you won't go back to Tetley.' - Sunday Times Style Magazine

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