Breramilano Ricordi Pistachio Panettone 1kg

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Panettone filled with pistachio cream and hand wrapped.

Green is the color of Pistachios seeds as green is the color of Hope…
One, a hundred, a thousand seeds as many wishes of Peace among people in the World.

This picture wants to symbolize the meeting between 2 realities strongly rooted inside the Milanese culture: the “The Three Rings”, historical emblem of Casa Ricordi and the “Meneghino” symbol of our Company’s bakery production. We sought to represent through a graphic icon the joint venture between two historical Companies of Milan sharing a high end cultural project.

We love to think that since its creation, the “Panetùn de Milan” (Panettone cake from Milan) has delighted the very best moments of Italians of all ages. It happened that even Maestro Giuseppe Verdi, writing a letter to his editor Tito Ricordi, mentioned the tastiness of a panettone he had been gifted.

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