Australian King Prawns - MSC Certified - WILD CAUGHT - FROZEN AT SEA


Famous and sought after, Shark Bay West Australian King Prawns are a true delicacy and a firm favourite at some of the finest restaurants in Australia and abroad. Western Australia is one of the major sources of scallops in Australia and has an international reputation for its pristine clean waters.

Shark Bay King Prawns have a rich flavour and medium to firm texture. The flesh is translucent when raw and white with pinkish bands when cooked.

Suitable for steaming, poaching, deep-fry, pan-fry, stir-fry, grill and barbecue. Like all seafood, prawns require very little cooking and  when overcooked will become tough.

The majority of the Shark Bay King Prawn catch is processed at sea and are fresh frozen on the vessels to seal in all of natures goodness and taste for the market.

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