Mini Thai Fish Cakes 200g+/- Australian Seafood Providores - Wild Caught - FROZEN


Sustainably Wild Caught Mini Thai Fish Cakes 200g (approx. 7-8pcs)

Hand made in Noosa using Wild Caught Australian reef fish like snapper, spangled emperor and red emperor combined with Thai herbs and spices. Fully cooked these fish cakes are simple to prepare, just pan fry in a little oil from frozen until golden brown. A very high quality product designed for a quick meal.

About Noosa Seafood Market:

Quality starts at the source. All Noosa Seafood Market wild caught seafood is from pristine Queensland waters, some of the best in the world. With all product sourced from Noosa Seafood Market you'll always know where your seafood has come from and how it was fished. To the team at Noosa Seafood Market the term Sustainable Fishing isn't a throw-away line. They love where they live & the seafood in their oceans, and are fully committed to looking after both, for now & generations to come.

Noosa Seafood Market: everything made by hand, wild caught off the clean Queensland coast, free from any nasty preservatives and snap frozen to reach you in perfect condition. An ideal fit for us here at The Fishwives.

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