Wild South Seafood


Wild South Seafood work directly with the fisher people in their seafood community and create partnerships based on a shared commitment to Pristine Australia Produce and a sustainable approach to how they take, and how much they take, of our precious sea's resources.

Wild South Seafood labels provide the name of the boat each piece of fish comes from.

They do not 'stockpile' seafood, nor send Australian seafood to low cost jurisdictions for processing.  

Their production facility is beside the wharf where the fish are landed.  The fishermen who catch their fish, bring it to their door the moment they get back from sea.

Unlike other portion packed fish which claims to be snap frozen, but does not provide transparency about where the fish is caught, or where their production facility is located.

Wild South Seafood do not deal in fishmarkets, or with large scale distributors.

Freezing Fish - a note from Wild South Seafood

The reason why I portion pack and snap freeze at the source is to limit fresh food waste.  This also acknowledges that we are harvesting a limited resource, and using resources to harvest it.  To the extent that we harvest it, I believe we are obligated to ensure that we use all of that resource and not waste any of it.

Evidence suggests that Australian's throw away about 30% of their fresh food that goes past use-by.  A lot of this goes to landfill where it it actually responsible for creating really bad greenhouse gases.  

Portion packing and freezing means that this doesn't happen to the seafood that I buy from the local fisherpersons.  (of course it doesn't hurt that it means it is also always therefore the freshest fish in the seafood cabinet:)  Organic fish emulsion fertiliser is now also being produced from the by product of some Australian fish.   It is not only exceptionally good fertiliser, and is organic which contributes to the sustainability of farming practices, it is also contributing to using 'every single bit' of the resource.  

I am hopeful that more seafood producers will begin to do this as others show the way.