Temana Lamb Grass Fed - New Zealand

While breeding sheep to be healthier and better adapted to high country environments, we discovered something never before seen in lamb.

TE MANA LAMB has emerged from an unprecedented 10-year programme with lambs specifically bred in the New Zealand high country. This unexpected discovery is leading a revolution in the world’s best restaurants.

Over 500 genetic lines were tested to find the best – and one ram stood out – Ram 211.  His offspring thrive in the high country and comprise the first essential component in the rigorous new standard that is TE MANA LAMB. Each year, 80 new sires are tested, and the very best enter the elite breeding programme.

Thirty days finishing on chicory pastures releases the full potential for Omega-3 in TE MANA LAMB. Because of its unique composition, TE MANA LAMB doesn’t behave like regular lamb during preparation and cooking. It is more versatile, retaining its shape and texture better. TE MANA LAMB is less prone to cooking shrinkage and more forgiving of over‑enthusiastic cooking!


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