Mandole Orchard Australian Almond Milk

Established in 2004, we are a family owned and sustainably operated almond orchard.

We are passionate and committed to growing and producing high-quality Australian almonds and almond-based products with the simplest ingredients. We are proud to share our products with our customers and to connect people to the land.

It's the collaboration between family, farm and home which allows the Mandolé Orchard team to provide a unique offering of fresh, honest and nutritious products that carry our signature Mandolé flavour you won't find anywhere else.

At Mandolé Orchard we genuinely care about the environment and our place in it.

We have implemented multiple sustainable practices into the daily operation of our business.

We work hard every day to ensure the way we farm and the way we manufacture has a positive impact on our planet, not only for ourselves and our environment but for future generations to come. 

Every drop counts

Water conservation is extremely important to us. Our drip irrigation system employs the latest state of the art technology to ensure efficient and accurate watering of our almond trees without any wastage.

Soil and tree sensing technology ensures our almond trees receive the precise amount of water they need, when they need it. As a result, our water usage is 20-30% lower than the industry standard – an incredible achievement.

Several storage dams located on our property provide local birds and wildlife with access to water whilst keeping our almond trees hydrated throughout the year.

At Mandolé Orchard, we are also very fortunate to be able to clean and redistribute the water that leaves our manufacturing facility back onto our orchard.

We care about our soil

At Mandolé Orchard we do not cultivate our soil, limiting soil disturbance and helping to prevent soil erosion. All the nutrients we give to our trees benefit our soil.

Our aim is to nurture and improve the biology of our soil with a strong focus on soil rejuvenation. This not only improves overall tree health, it also produces a high quality product and a long-term sustainable approach to farming.

This includes using biological fertilisers that activate the micro-organisms in the soil allowing us to improve the overall health of our orchard.

The Almond Farmers

Father and son duo and master almond growers Denis and Dean, are second and third generation farmers whose family have successfully farmed in the Riverina for over 80 years.

Denis and Dean are the pioneers of almond farming in the region, with Denis the first grower to represent the Riverina on the Almond Board of Australia. Until recently, he held this position for 10 years.

Dean has been awarded the Australian Almond Industry's Phil Watters Award, recognising his service and dedication to research, development and the improvement of almond production in Australia.

Denis and Dean's dedication to the industry and passion for farming is why Mandolé Orchard is one of the largest family owned and operated almond orchards in Australia today.

They know farming and they know almonds.

Now to the Kitchen

All our products started in the kitchen; Tootie’s Kitchen.

Tootie’s passion and love for cooking has been shaped greatly by her mother Matilde, affectionately known as Nonna Tilly, whose insights and experience stem from her Northern Italian upbringing and influence Tootie’s cooking in many ways.

The heart and soul of Mandolé Orchard, Tootie (aka Annette) is constantly conjuring up delicious recipes and is passionate about all directions in almonds.

Our Products

Too good to keep Tootie’s recipes to themselves, Tootie's son-in-love Tom and her daughter Jenna want to share her recipes with the world.

It took this husband and wife duo a number of years of extensive research and development to be able to deliver Tootie's handcrafted homemade almond milk recipe to your door.

Launching in 2019, the team at Mandolé Orchard are excited to finally share their family’s fresh, single origin products with you.

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