Oh So Spicy Pickle Chips 700g - Dillicious


James and Liza Barbour met whilst volunteering overseas and decided to settle together in Liza’s home country of Australia.  Unable to find the crispy bite pickles from his youth in the US, James decided to combine Liza’s expertise as a dietician, and his love of pickles, to create the perfect American-style pickle in Australia.  Since 2018, the Barbour family has handcrafted their range of Dillicious Pickles in small batches in Victoria.  The secret to their recipe lies in two key ingredients.

Kirby cucumbers are perfectly designed for pickling which the Barbours attribute to the thickness of their skin, small size, limited seeds and fresh, bright flavour.  Sourced exclusively from two family-owned, Queensland farms, these cucumbers are the first step in getting the perfect crunch. Before pickling, the cucumbers are plunged into salty ice water to reduce their water content.  They are then submerged into locally produced apple cider vinegar – the second key ingredient – as these are vinegar pickles, as opposed to the lacto-fermented type.  Typically reliant on added sugar, the Barbours’ recipe instead draws on the natural sweetness of the vinegar for added flavour.  Naturally present tannins from the apple cider vinegar strengthens the pectin in the cucumbers to enforce the much-loved crunch of these Dillicious Pickles.

Habañero chillies and fresh horseradish bring intense heat to these pickles.

No added sugar. Sulphite free. Gluten free. Vegan Australia certified.

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