ACADO Avocado Oil 500ml

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Avocado, the healthiest fruit is now a source of the healthiest cooking oil.

Introducing the world’s largest selling brand of Avocado Oil. From the region of the world’s best avocados, Michoacán in Mexico comes a cooking oil with the highest level of monounsaturated fats. Rich in Vitamin B6 and folic acid, it is laden with antioxidants associated with slowing down aging. The highest smoke point of all cooking oils – 525F ensures that it will not release toxins and free radicals in the food, even when cooked at high temperatures - ultimate for frying food. It reduces cholesterol and sugar levels, making it great for cardiovascular health.

So, listen to your heart and tell yourself you need to buy it for your family’s health. It’s not whether you can afford to but can you afford not to?

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