Snowy Flakes Tea Green Tea (Glass Cannister)


Winner of 2 Great Taste Awards 2014 - The altitude at which these tea shrubs grow means that they are often covered in snow; hence the name of this wonderful tea.  The tea leaves are harvested in spring to ensure they retain their delicate nature, and layered with night blossoming jasmine petals to create a tea that is aromatic and rich whilst still retaining a subtlety.

Snowy flake tea has been drunk for generations in China, and the belief is that it helps both relax and revive the body, mind and soul.  It is said to help with digestion, give skin a healthy glow and have a beneficial effect on cholesterol levels.

To make the perfect cup, simply put a pinch (or a gram) of tea leaves into a cup and pour just boiled (but not boiling, the recommended temperature is between 180?-185?) and allow the tea to infuse for a few minutes; you can top your cup up 3-5 times for this amount of tea without any loss of flavour.

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