2019 Food Dining Trends in Singapore

If you’ve ever been to Singapore, or planning a trip shortly, you’ll know that it’s a foodie haven. From local street food to fine dining, the food culture is as hot as the climate. Singapore boasts everything from Michelin star restaurants through to unique dining experiences. Some of the world’s best chefs can be found in Singapore, bringing not just their native cuisine to diners but also new dining experiences and experimentations, fusions, flavours and tastes.

#1 - Embracing Singapore’s multiculturalism

A taste of the Basque country has been bought to Singapore by chef Aitor Jeronimo who has opened the restaurant Basque Kitchen.  Aitor proves that there’s more to Spanish cuisine than paella and tapas. He brings a deep knowledge of Basque cuisine to Singapore and opens hearts and minds with his unique gastronomy. Just don’t expect to find Catalan dishes such as paella on the menu.

Keeping it on the Mediterranean front, there’s also the highly rated Blu Kouzina Greek restaurant, on Dempsey Hill, well worth checking out. The restaurant has become well-known for its authentic dishes, such as Psar Stin Shara (Greek grilled fish), Horiatiki (Greek salad) and favourites such as Saganaki with figs. Such Mediterranean offerings to Singapore’s already well established multicultural food scene, is a trend we expect to continue throughout 2019.

#2 - Private home dining

Private home dining has been around a few years now, and although it’s not a recent trend it is a trend that is evolving. Since, a lot of the in-demand restaurants operate on making their tables available a few nights a week, it means chefs such as Christopher Kong’s home restaurant business Dearborn can break away from their day jobs and create a tailored and unique home dining experience.  

In 2019 there are several other players who have entered the private home dining market. Some such as The Mustard Seed Pop Up owner, Ming Kiat, who previously worked at Michelin Candlenut and was most recently the in-house chef at the Singapore High Commission in Canberra, and the online catering portal Club Vivre, an on-demand chef service.  We expect this trend to continue and similar technologies that have enabled Uber, Deliveroo and Food Panda to become so successful will be adapted and integrated in this space.

#3 - Sustainability

2019 is the year of change and revamping the farming process. Many restaurants are paying closer attention to how farms treat their cattle, fish and pigs. Working closely with trusted suppliers, whose ethos is focused around sustainability, supports the local economy and cultivates business relationships which can be passed onto future generations.

The increasing popularity of plant based diets is also well reflected in Singapore’s food scene, with vegan and vegetarians being well catered for with restaurants such as Verde Kitchen at The Hilton and The Botanic. As more people are moving away from meat based diets, we definitely expect the vegan and vegetarian choice to be more widely embraced in Singapore.


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